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Team Towanda Foundation has a track record of getting things done. Proceeds from Our Boobtique, our FUNdraisers, and other donations have enabled us to fund tangible projects in and around Hartford, Connecticut:
  • Purchase of a $26,000 ultrasound machine in 2003 that was used by clinic patients who were not covered by private insurance. Access to this machine which was designated for their use helped to ensure the same standard of care for uninsured patients that insured patients received. This was then:

  • Purchase of a replacement ultrasound machine in 2016 that is used the same as the original. This is now:

  • Contributions of $70,000 to the "Towanda Fund" administered by the Partnership for Breast Care at Hartford Hospital. This fund is used to pay for mammograms and other breast related services for uninsured, underserved women.

  • Donation of $31,000 towards the purchase of a mobile mammography unit for Hartford Hospital. The "Take The Time" van travels to impoverished neighborhoods to provide mammograms to elderly and uninsured woman who would not otherwise have access to these life saving screenings. Additionally, the van also goes to many corporate sites where most women have insurance, but don't have the time to get their annual mammograms done on a timely basis. These mammograms are paid for by insurance. Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, we've seen an increase in the number of women in corporate settings who might still have jobs, but have lost health benefits.

  • Ongoing TTF contributions total approximately $5,000 for Towanda Totes and Outreach (especially to students and the elderly) . The Towanda Totes are canvas bags full of basic post surgery self care products for uninsured lumpectomy patients at Hartford Hospital, Rockville Hospital, and Manchester Memorial. In order to promote breast health awareness within our community, we also work with local Girl Scout troops, school groups, and a low income elderly housing facility.

  • Sponsorship of $16,000 in free mammogram "Towanda Days" through the Bristol Hospital Breast Health Project.

  • Additional projects that we have funded in the past included Team Towanda "Cheer Carts". The Carts at the infusion centers were full of things to keep a patient busy and her mind on something positive while undergoing chemo treatment. It included everything from good luck charms to portable DVD players, to prayer shawls, and Sudoku puzzles as well as a good supply of chocolate (also know as "Nurse Bait"). More than anything, we hoped these carts brought a smile to someone who didn't think she could smile that day and it made a day of treatment even a little bit easier by knowing that someone is thinking of her and cheering her on in her fight. With the widespread usage of mobile phones and devices, we found the demand for this type of diversion had subsided and thus we stopped funding this project.

  • For years we donated $53,000 to Eastern Connecticut Health Network to fund another Towanda Fund for uninsured patients treated at Manchester Memorial and Rockville General Hospitals, however with the change in ownership we are unable to continue at this time.

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What's in a Name?

"Team Towanda seemed like the perfect name for the Foundation — an inspiration for power, strength, and believing in what's possible with the support of friends and caregivers — even when the going gets tough."
   —Judith Melchreit

"Dear Team Towanda — Thank you for your gift to the Partnership for Breast Care at Hartford Hospital. Your continued support, particularly in challenging times, means so much to us."
   —Carol Garlick, Vice President, Hartford Hospital

"I just wanted to thank you and the entire Towanda crew for the endless support you have given to my patients at the Breast Clinic in the Hartford Hospital Brownstone Building.
* The ultrasound machine that we were able to purchase years ago with your generous donation is still utilized each day the Breast Clinic is held and helps us tremendously with the level of care we deliver to our patients.

* The mobile mammography “Take the Time” van has been instrumental in allowing women without other means to have access to the ever important yearly mammogram.

* Also, the Towanda Tote bags have been invaluable to our patients. Many of the patients we see do not have the resources to obtain the amenities offered in the totes and these items go a long way to help them on their road to recovery after having surgery as part of the treatment of their breast cancer. Many have expressed their gratitude for the totes and have found them most helpful. Please keep those totes coming!!!!

* On behalf of the medically underserved population of women in the Hartford area, please thank the Team Towanda Foundation for their ongoing commitment to this extraordinary group of women. Without the support of the Foundation, maintenance of breast health would be much less of a reality for our patients."

   — Judith L. Pepe, MD, Director, Hartford Hospital Breast Clinic
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