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Happy Wednesday (Thursday, Friday, whichever day you read this!)

Itís been two weeks since the 2012 FUNdraiser and our homes are mostly de-pinked, our families are eating real food again, and we are readjusting to post-Fundraiser life once again. There is always a strange period of let down after the madness of the event when we all kind of walk around in circles trying to remember what did we used to do with our free time?

The next to last open item is to review all the survey results sent in from all our girlfriends who were able to attend this yearís FUNdraiser. Weíve received a bunch, but would like to get input from as many attendees as possible. All our committee chairs are submitting wrap up reports and we always include survey results as part of the final comments.

We review every single response and comment when planning for future FUNdraisers. NOW is the time to tell us what you think! The six or seven people who plan the FUNdraiser canít be everywhere in the room, so we need all of you to tell us about the event from your perspective. Of course we love to hear the things you loved, but honestly, we all put on our big girl panties and also listen to the things you didnít like so much. We just ask that you base your answers on the overall experience and use the comment section for specifics.

  • Overfull trash containers in the ladiesí room? Good to know! But does that alone mean ďLocation ratingĒ gets a terrible rating? Maybe? Maybe not.
  • Sound system still needs work? We canít tell from where we stand so thanks for telling us!
  • Yes, we know and agree the raffle lines are too long. Weíre wide open to suggestions!
  • Weíve heard that the new seating arrangements were appreciated. This is in direct response to the last survey responses.
So please take a few minutes and complete the survey before it closes for this event. We had a great time and we are so happy to report that you raised just about $30,000 for Team Towanda Foundation! If you couldnít attend this year, itís not too late to make a donation to be included in the final tally!

We hope you learned a little, laughed a little, were inspired a little, and made some new friends. But the very last item on our post event to do list? REMIND YOU TO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM AND DO YOUR BREAST SELF EXAM! Then call your bestie and remind her, too!

Click to see our awesome FUNdraiser FOTs (Friends of Towanda for the FUNdraiser)

DONíT let cancer get the breast of you!
Breast wishes from all your girlfriends at TTF!

Judith, Monica, Debbie, Lynne, Ellen, Alison and Carina


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We promise to never, ever, EVER share our email list with anyone, not even for chocolate. Pinky swear. 

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