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Magical Pink Afterglow

Well, hello Girlfriend!

So... have you recovered yet? We hope not! We hope you are still basking in the magical pink afterglow that only the Team Towanda FUNdraiser can provide! How many women have YOU told about it? Most of us find ourselves all saying the same thing: You just canít explain the energy in that room if youíve never been. Forget trying to explain it to any men in your life, they just wonít get it. They canít get it.

Remember, itís one thing to explain the vibe, the raffle prizes, the great women you meet, but for the most part: (all together now.. ) What happens at Towanda, STAYS at Towanda! Heads up- everyone is on her honor to make sure NO FUNdraiser pics are posted or tagged on Facebook. If you see one, please ďhave a wordĒ with the poster before it shows up on our radar. Not cool.

We havenít got our final totals just yet (weíre still washing off the money from the cake ) but our best guess at this point is that you raised approximately $30,000 at the 2012 Team Towanda FUNdraiser! Thatís a whole lotta mammograms for uninsured women, baby! It was a GREAT night and we were happy to welcome so many Party Virgins! We also hosted a record number of Pink Ribbon Warriors this year and were thrilled to see them all Ďdancing like nobody was watching.Ē AWE-some!

All of us at Team Towanda have rehashed the event from one end to the other, what we loved, what didnít work, what we could try next time to make it better. But we are only a handful in a room of 500 women. We canít see everything so we need you to be our eyes and ears. Please take a few minutes and complete the [2]post event survey to share your thoughts, ideas, observations. If you enjoyed yourself, this is best way to show your support! If you have ideas for improvement, hereís your chance to let your voice be heard.

We spend a lot of time planning the FUNdraiser and are always looking for ways to improve it and work smarter. Every member of the board reads every single comment, so please take the time to share your thoughts. If you brought Party Virgins to the event, please be sure to forward this email and ask them to complete it as well. The results of these surveys provide invaluable information for planning future events.

And to answer the most often asked question: When is the next FUNdraiser? Well, before we can answer that we need to finish this one first. This includes getting survey results, so please take 10 minutes and complete and return your survey ! We love those comments, suggestions, and observations, so please add as much detail as you can.

Thank you again for supporting the 2012 Team Towanda FUNdraiser and being a part of the best event of the year! (Click to view our donors!)

Please click here to take our post-party survey!
Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Breast wishes from all your girlfriends at TTF!
Judith, Monica, Debbie, Lynne, Ellen, Alison and Carina

P.S. Now go schedule your mammogram and then call your very best friend and remind her too!

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We promise to never, ever, EVER share our email list with anyone, not even for chocolate. Pinky swear. 

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