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Why did the chick cross the road?

Answer: To get to the cool party with all the other fun chicks!

Happy Easter to all the chicks we know!

This picture reminds us, donít forget to get busy on your creation for the Creative Bra Contest at the FUNdraiser on April 28! For inspiration, check out this Google Search. Donít stress about it! Itís supposed to be FUN! You donít need to know how to sew, a glue gun is the sewing needle of our generation. Clever and fun are the goal!

TKTS TKTS (just like NYC)

As of today, weíve processed every ticket order received. Havenít received yours yet? Thatís weird. Email us and weíll see what happened. Havenít even ordered them yet? Are you kidding me? As of today there are about 50 tickets left. Consider yourself warned: In the past two weeks, if we had a dollar for everyone whoís looked at one of us with that "deer caught in the headlight" look and said ďOh no! I never sent my order in!Ē we wouldnít even need Judith to do the Cake Dance this year. Just so you know, we are limited by the maximum legal capacity of the room. Once we hit that number, we canít sell anymore. And yes, we tried: Each of us holding our breath that night doesnít let us allow more people in the room.

Attention All Party Virgins!

Itís time to get on the website and start reviewing ďFAQsĒ which will add to your enjoyment of the event. This is especially true for all Party Virgins! After all this time, Party Veterans know all the tips and tricks to extract every last drop of fun out of the night!

Live and Learn Health Fair

We still have space available at the Health Fair if you or someone you know is a health professional willing to share knowledge for a while before the FUNdraiser. We would like to include as many different health fields and specialties as possible that are related to womenís health. Please email our Health Fair co-chairs. Thanks for so generously sharing your expertise with women who are interested in learning how to help themselves with health related issues. Events comprised of interesting and interested women are THE BEST.

The Spicy Green Bean Deli and Catering Run, Diva, RUN! On Sunday, April 15th

Registration begins at 7:30am! Tons of fun for everyone! Sparkles the Clown and Prizes for best Diva Costume! Register here or on Race Day. Free t-shirt for first 150 to register, medals, prizes! Channel your inner diva and dress the part. Prizes for 3 best diva wear!

We'll see you in 12 days at the Diva Run!

I need to get in shape... The only exercise I get is with my push-up bra.

In the meantime... DONíT let cancer get the breast of you and those you love.
GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM! And remind those you love to get theirs too!
Early detection saves lives. What's not to "get" about that?

From all your girlfriends at Team Towanda!
Judith, Monica, Debbie, Lynne, Ellen, Alison and Carina


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