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So much fun, so little time!

Do one thing everyday that scares you.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Did anyone in Wethersfield experience that gale force wind last Friday about 11 am? That was Judith’s annual exhale after the ‘all clear’ signal on her yearly mammogram. Eleven years as a Pink Ribbon Warrior and still “No evidence of disease”! Yippee!“ I still get sweaty palms and a knot in my stomach when it’s time for my annual mammogram. I was 41 when I went in for a routine look-see that started me on a journey that would change my life. I’ll probably always be nervous, but I’m so thankful that I did have that mammogram back when I was 41. Had I waited another few years and my cancer had spread, I probably wouldn’t have had the same happy ending. So I suck it up, do what I have to do, and just git ‘em done.”

Run, Diva, RUN! April 15th 8:30am

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can hop on line right now and register without even looking for your shoes. (Click here!)

We just received confirmation that Sparkles the Clown will be on hand that morning for face-painting kids of ALL ages! Plan on lacing up your sneaks and taking the kids out for a beautiful walk through Glastonbury.

  • 5K race for runners of all levels,
  • 2 Mile walk for those who enjoy a slower pace, and
  • Kids’ fun run with Sparkles!

  • Lots of prizes!
  • Medals for winners in each division,
  • Diva medals for all participants
  • Tee shirts for the first 150 registered,

  • and of course:
  • Cool Towanda prizes for the three best Diva outfits that morning

  • (EVERYONE is welcome to enter this contest!)

    Did you know that five out of five women think that there is nothing sexier than a man who wears pink to support the fight against breast cancer? Tell the men in your life you read it in “Towanda” so it must be so.

    What's the Hottest Ticket in Town?

    A ticket to the 2012 Team Towanda FUNdraiser of course! Some tickets are still available so if you haven’t sent your order in yet it looks like you're in luck! You can download a ticket order form here.

    All ticket orders received as of Saturday, March 24 have been processed and tickets mailed. If you haven’t received your tickets by Saturday, March 31, please contact us here and put “All dressed up and no place to go!” in the subject line. Ellen, the “Official Keeper of the Tickets and Other Important Stuff“ will get it all sorted out.

    If you need to reach us, this email address is the equivalent of the Towanda Hot Pink Line. All of us see the emails every day, so please be specific in the subject line so we know who needs to follow up with you.

    Live and Learn Health Fair

    We’ve got some great participants lined up to take part in the Live and Learn Health Fair at the 2012 FUNdraiser. The Health Fair takes place from 6 – 8 pm in the room next to the FUNdraiser. It’s your chance to meet with health care professionals who have volunteered their time to talk with you. This is such a wonderful opportunity to ask them all the stuff you’d want to know if you met them at a cocktail party. What’s in the news that you want to know more about? What exactly does “at risk” mean? Are there tests I should have as I reach a certain age?

    You can see a list of this year’s participants here. Check back often to see an updated list. Are you or do you know a health care provider that would be willing to spend a couple of hours talking with the most amazing 500 women EVER?? We are always eager to expand the variety of specialties represented at the Live and Learn Health Fair. For more information, please email us and put “What’s up, Doc?” in the subject line.

    Sneak Peek Alert!

    Thank you so much to all our generous donors who gave items for the FUNdraiser tea cup raffle. We have an incredible variety of items that reflect the interests, talents, and connections of so many of our friends. Keep checking FUNdraiser Central to see details as the packages are finalized! Here’s another sample:

    Hey Baby, What’s Shakin’?

    10 “Zumba with Steph and Helene” classes in West Hartford
    and a basket of Zumba Accessories
    Donor: Steph Berber and Helene Berlin
    Value: $245

    FUNdraiser Central

    To see other available FUNdraiser details and more to be posted in the coming weeks, please click here check out our FUNdraiser Central website.

    Meet the Board: Alison Caxide

    Alison and TTF President Judith Melchreit met when they teamed up on a 7th Grade Social Studies project many, many, many years ago. The project that launched this lifelong friendship? A handwritten cookbook on regional cuisine! Hollywood couldn’t have written a better beginning to their story which includes co-authoring the latest TTF Cookbook Towanda Celebrates with her Bosom Buddies.

    After supporting Judith through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, Alison faced her own battle and breast cancer journey when she was diagnosed nine years later. In addition to the unique perspective this experience provides, her grace, positive attitude, and determination to face her challenges head on are among the reasons she is such an asset to the TTF Board.

    Alison handles all cookbook inventory tracking, processes cookbook orders, and provides assistance to the TTF Cheer Cart program and press kit development. An important and unsung role for this detail diva is her ability to save us from ourselves over and over again with her editing superpowers. Blessed with an analytical mind and a love of words, Alison has earned the nickname “Eagle Eye”. Obviously she is the only one who was actually paying attention to all those rules in English class and knows for sure where the punctuation goes and the correct usage of ‘it’s’ vs. ‘its’ .

    Alison is the smiling face of Towanda at local events, and wears many hats for her various responsibilities for the FUNdraiser. She is the only person who can not only confidently pull off wearing a pink rhinestone cowboy hat or full tiara to any event, but actually make you regret you don’t have one in your closet at home for just such occasions. Her overall responsibilities for the 2012 FUNdraiser include Decorations, Live and Learn Health Fair, and Survivor Recognition.

    New Contact Numbers for Team Towanda Foundation

    Our new phone number is (860) 57-TATAS.

    You didn’t think we’d take just ANY old phone number did you? It’s easy to remember, the TATAS part is obvious, and you just have to remember it starts with a couple of odd numbers (5-7), just like the odd numbers who write this stuff!

    También tenemos una línea telefónica para nuestras amigas que hablan espanol! (860) 479-2345.

    We’ll see you ONE MONTH from today at the FUNdraiser!

    In the meantime, DON’T let cancer get the breast of you!

    From all your girlfriends at Team Towanda!

    ~ Judith, Monica, Debbie, Lynne, Ellen, Alison and Carina


    To have your name added to our e-blast list, please click here.

    We promise to never, ever, EVER share our email list with anyone, not even for chocolate. Pinky swear. 

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