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We are looking at the world through pinky-rose colored glasses!

In less than a week, we sold nearly 400 tickets to the 2012 FUNdraiser. Tickets have been mailed to all orders rec’d as of Tuesday, March 13. If you or your friends haven’t mailed your order in yet, please do it as soon as possible. We know we still have quite a lot of orders coming from out of state friends and all those who tell us, “oh, yeah! I forgot; I’ll mail it soon.”

Please consider yourself warned; once we sell out, there just aren’t any more tickets. Thank goodness Mem (aka Mabel who runs Mabel’s Label Table) got hers in! It would have been SO AWK-ward to tell my mom she had to stand outside. :-0 Click here to download a ticket order form and be sure to mail it today!

IMPORTANT! For those bringing friends!
    If you invite friends to join you for the FUNdraiser, be sure they sign up for this eblast distribution list. There will be lots of information coming for all FUNdraiser attendees in the weeks to follow. (Click here to add them yourself!)

    How are you doing on that checklist we sent you last week? (Click here to see last week's email if you need more info!)

Send in Your Ticket Order NOW.

Yes, everybody buys a ticket, including all board members, volunteers, donors, and our moms. Please keep in mind that ticket sales just cover expenses. The Team Towanda philosophy is to keep the ticket price to a minimum to try and be as inclusive as we possibly can. If someone needs to be there, we don’t want her to be excluded because of the ticket price. She might not have much to spend once she gets there, but the girlfriend power is free once she gets in the door. And that, my friends, is the most valuable commodity in the room.

Send Volunteer Sign Up with Your Ticket Order.

You are welcome to forward/copy the invitation to as many friends as you would like. However, please ensure that the Volunteer Sign-up Page is copied too! Please remember (and explain to any Party Virgins who plan to attend,) that as always, the success of this event is totally dependent on the generous donations of time, talent, and resources of everyone attending. This event is the ultimate grass roots, jump in, get involved, “what can I do?” chick thing and requires many hundreds of one hour volunteer shifts that need to be filled during set up, the FUNdraiser, and the clean up. Monica and Chris do an amazing job of organizing all the volunteers, but we do need many hands. Please review the volunteer lists in your invitation and plan for each attendee to volunteer for at least a one hour shift. Most of the jobs are easy, fun, and it’s a great way to meet some new people. Not everyone is artsy or is able to donate a raffle item, but anyone can at least watch a raffle table, help blow up balloons, pack up the tablecloths, or staff the survivor table. Right? A Towanda FUNdraiser is all about participating and everyone pitching in where she can. The event has grown much too big for a handful of people to run it alone.

We can easily accommodate friends who want to work together. If everyone doesn’t do her share, that means we have to ask some friends to fill in more than one shift. Not cool... Need to revise the volunteer info you already sent in? No problem! Just click here to email us with “Volunteers” in the subject line. THANK YOU! (C’mon! We all have a cousin/sister/niece/friend that never helps with the dishes! You don’t want to be “That Girl”.)

Order Labels from Mabel.

Once you receive your ticket in the mail, you need to get in touch with Mabel who runs Mabel’s Label Table. Click here for more info.

Think of ?'s for the "Live and Learn" Health Fair.

The full list of clinicians participating in the "Live and Learn" Health Fair from 6-8pm will be available soon. Dr. Beth Brady will be available for questions during the fair, and will give a talk before the doors to the FUNdraiser open, around 6:30 pm. If you have a special topic of interest that you would like Dr. Brady to speak about, please click here to email us with the subject line “What’s up, Doc?”

Start Working on Your Creative Bra.

Google "creative bra contest" for inspiration but let your imagination go wild! There will be prizes for the 3 breast (oops, we meant) BEST! Plan to wear your creation to the FUNdraiser OVER YOUR SHIRT and model it for us all night long!

Become a Sponsor

Does your business want to put an ad, coupon, informational flyer or other marketing materials into the hands of hundreds of smart, enthusiastic, women from all over Connecticut and the rest of New England? How about your logo on our FaceBook and Twitter pages? For as little as $250 you can put your ad in the takeaway bags that each attendee will receive. Please email us. There is still time to take advantage of this opportunity that the FUNdraiser presents!

Sneak Peek!

The tea cup raffle packages are works in progress at this point, but we have another one we can share with you. Keep checking back here to review descriptions of all the items prior to the FUNdraiser!

Tote for Towanda
Vera Bradley Tote filled with Vera Bradley Accessories
Donated by The Silver Dahlia, Glastonbury Value $233

Glastonbury River Runners
2012 Spicy Green Bean
Run, Diva, RUN
April 15th 8:30am

Spicy Green Bean Deli is the naming sponsor, but that doesn’t mean you and your company can’t get into the act! This family friendly 5k Run/3K Walk is a great way to get your business name out into the community and to show your support for Team Towanda Foundation and the fight against breast cancer. Proceeds from the Run, Diva, RUN will fund mammograms through the Towanda Fund at ECHN. Come join us in Glastonbury for a run or walk on a beautiful spring morning Click here for registration and sponsorship information.

What? You haven’t registered to run or walk that morning? Grab your running buddy, your kids, or the person who walks with you around your neighborhood and sign up for this fun morning. You will feel wonderful all day!

Meet the Board: Monica Smith

Monica Smith is an original. She attended the original Power Surge, cooked and brought meals as part of the original casserole cavalry, co-hosted the original FUNdraiser, submitted recipes and was instrumental in creating the original Charge of the Casserole Cavalry Cookbook, and is one of the original board members who founded TTF.

Monica is our “Tech Chick” who has almost single handedly dragged TTF from a paper and pencil, Xerox-dependent organization into the present day with a bangin’ website, eNewsletter, automated system for sending out evites for Fundraisers, and countless tasks associated with data management for the Foundation. To give you an idea how far we’ve come, when we wrote the original cookbook, Judith was literally driving around town hand delivering floppy disks among proofers and writers because we weren’t all that sure about email and how to ATTACH files! Monica regularly demonstrates the patience of a saint when Judith’s eyes glaze over when discussions include terms like 'mail merge', 'file format' and 'social media'.

She is the one who makes everything work. Whether it’s sending out the newsletters, scheduling volunteers for the Fundraiser, or organizing the printing and mailing of invitations, she makes it all LOOK easy. While Monica’s technical contributions to TTF cannot be overstated, it is in her creativity and unfailing dedication to TTF that she truly shines. Oh, did we mention that Monica moved away to Florida several years ago and then on to Maryland and she orchestrated production of our follow-up cookbook, Towanda Celebrates with her Bosom Buddies: Another Towanda Cookbook? She never missed a beat as a fully contributing board member. She accomplishes all she does for us via email, text, and phone. We Skype her into every board meeting when she has virtual coffee and muffins with us. Her commitment to the foundation, the cause, and her girlfriends is true. We’re usually separated by miles, but connected by smiles.

Have a wonderful week and we'll talk to you again in a couple of weeks.
In the meantime, keep checking back to Fundraiser Central to see what's happening!

~ Judith, Monica, Debbie, Lynne, Ellen, Alison and Carina


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We promise to never, ever, EVER share our email list with anyone, not even for chocolate. Pinky swear. 

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