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Hump day!  Check your humps for lumps!

Run, Diva, RUN!
5K Run + 3K Walk, April 15th 8:30am
    We are only 5 weeks away from the 2nd annual Spicy Green Bean Run, Diva, RUN sponsored by the Glastonbury River Runners running club. This family friendly event is an easy way to step into spring. Whether you are an experienced runner or just want to come out and walk to lend your support in the fight against breast cancer, this is a great event. You don’t need to get pledges or sponsors, no worries that you’ll be the last one on the course (guaranteed!), and we have lots and lots of presents and prizes! TTF just loves presents! In addition to medals for all participants (including kids), 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers will receive medals, the first 150 to register will receive a GRR tee shirt, and there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for the best Diva Attire on the course. Both women and men are encouraged, but not required to channel their inner diva to support the cause. Click here to get more information on sponsorships and to register. See you there, dahling!

Welcome to Sisters Oil Service
    We are so excited to introduce you to Sisters Oil Service, LLC located in Canton, Connecticut. This new heating oil delivery service for Canton and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns proudly displays pink ribbons on their brand new pink and white oil truck! A percentage of their proceeds goes to support Team Towanda Foundation. Each time you order oil from Sisters Oil Service, LLC, you will be aiding Team Towanda in their efforts to support local women in the fight against breast cancer and to raise awareness about the importance of early detection. How cool is THAT?! Check them out at and of course, when you call, tell them “Towanda sent me!”

    The invitations have been emailed and mailed and are available for download on our website! We are in the countdown to the BEST night of the year! Only 52 days to go and the preparations are in full swing! There is much much much to do so we’ve made you a handy checklist.

Send in Your Ticket Order NOW.
    No, NOT tomorrow, more like yesterday! We received orders for over 250 tickets on March 6th, the first day of ticket sales. We are expecting another sell out crowd and already we know we have girlfriends coming in from Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Florida to attend. People have planned VACATIONS around this event, so don’t wait. The building can only hold just so many people! If your friends can’t make up their minds, go ahead and buy your own ticket anyway. We’ve had people shut out because they waited too long for friends to make up their minds. AWK-ward!

Send Volunteer Sign Up with Your Ticket Order.
    Party Vets know that the FUNdraiser is not possible without the help of everyone pitching in a little bit. Party Virgins might be intimidated, but volunteering for a one hour job the night of the party is part of the fun! You can sign up with a buddy for the time slot you want and you can pick your job! None of the volunteer slots is complicated or difficult; we just need LOTS of hands each doing a little bit. C’mon! Sending in an order form without the sign up sheet means somebody else will have to do a double shift. Already sent your order in but forgot to fill it out? No problem. Click here to email Monica with subject line: “Yo! Monica & Chris! I Can help!” They’ll fix you up pronto. If you’re attending on your own, this is the perfect way to ease yourself into the celebration and meet your first new friend of the night!

Order Labels from Mabel.
    Once you receive your ticket in the mail, you need to get in touch with Mabel who runs Mabel’s Label Table. Click here for more info. Having Mabel print out stickers with your name, address, and phone number is the smartest thing you’ll do getting ready for the FUNdraiser. She’ll have them ready for you to pick up when you arrive. You buy as many tea cup auction tickets as you like, then you just slap one of Mabel’s labels on the back of each ticket. No writing out your name and contact info 20, 40 or 100 times! THIS IS FREE FREE FREE but you MUST order your labels in advance! No labels printed at the event! Make it easy on yourself! VALUABLE INFORMATION: WHEN TICKETS ARE PULLED, IF WE CAN’T READ YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER WE HAVE TO PULL ANOTHER TICKET! OUCH! Better to have Mabel help you out ahead of time.

Think of ?'s for the "Live and Learn" Health Fair.
    The full list of clinicians participating in the "Live and Learn" Health Fair from 6-8pm will be available soon. Dr. Beth Brady will be available for questions during the fair, and will give a talk before the doors to the FUNdraiser open, around 6:30 pm. If you have a special topic of interest that you would like Dr. Brady to speak about, please click here to email us with the subject line “What’s up, Doc?”

    In case you haven’t yet had the great good fortune to meet Dr. Brady and hear one of her talks, you need to know you are in for a treat! Dr. Brady is a renowned breast surgeon at CT Surgical Group. She is the past medical director for both Hartford Hospital’s Partnership for Breast Care and ECHN Breast Care Collaborative. She received her medical degree from Dartmouth College, performed her internship, residency and fellowship at UCONN/Hartford Hospital, received a MBA from Rensselaer and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Health Care Delivery Science program at Dartmouth College. She was active in the U.S Navy for 4 years during Desert Storm. She has served on many boards, participates in breast cancer research, and provides many educational talks on breast cancer professionally and to the community. Her patients like and respect her highly and she truly enjoys providing top notch breast care! She’s been a great friend to Team Towanda since forever and we are so lucky to have her join us.

Start Working on Your Creative Bra.
    Party Veterans know that bras of all shapes, colors, sizes, and design always feature prominently in our decorations for the evening. In recent years, many of the decorations have disappeared early in the evening as friends used them as a form of …“self expression”.

    Once again, we have prizes for the 3 most outrageous bras worn to the party (on the OUTSIDE of a shirt!!!). You can go shopping (Check out T.J.Maxx for a great selection of bras under $3), make it yourself, or purchase one and personalize it to make a statement! Last year groups of friends got together and worked on them together. A little wine, a glue gun, a bunch of girlfriends….oh it sounds like too much fun! Even if you aren’t creative, find a crazy bra on sale and join in the fun! If you need some inspiration, Google ‘decorated bras’ and look at the images. We promise you’ll be laughing until you tinkle!

PSST! Wanna know a secret?
    I’m not supposed to say anyting yet, but we’re all friends and I know I can trust you not to tell anyone. Well, I was peeking to see what kind of cool tea cup raffle items we have this year and, now remember you didn’t hear it from me, but I saw a big pink bow on a very, very nice 32” FLAT SCREEN TV in Lynne’s packaging workshop! How cool is that? Keep an eye on the raffle sneak peak that is coming soon here to see more updates! We plan to post all the items on the website prior to the FUNdraiser so you can save time and know what you want to take a chance on.

    To see other available FUNdraiser details and more to be posted in the coming weeks, please click here check out our FUNdraiser Central website.

    And now dear ladies, we leave you with something that none of us should ever be without: A Boob Mood Indicator Chart. It kind of lets you know what kind of day you (and those around you!) might be in for.

    We’ve given you lots of fun stuff to look forward to, girlfriend! But don’t forget to make sure to check your calendar and see when you are due for your mammogram! Schedule yours and then call your BFF to make sure she schedules hers, too!

Well check back soon! Breast wishes from all your girlfriends at Team Towanda! Judith, Monica, Debbie, Lynne, Ellen, Alison and Carina


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