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    78 Days to Go...Where the Heck Are My Dancing Shoes!?

    Only a little more than 2 months until the 2012 FUNdraiser and there is SO much to be done! There is no way we can do it all by ourselves, so we are putting out the call to everyone who has ever attended or plans to attend: WE NEED YOUR HELP! The success of the event is a direct result of the time, talent, and resources that go into it. Please take a look at the list below and let us know which ones have your name on it!

    Tea Cup Raffle Items:

    We’ve received some very generous items from our long time supporters, but the number of items is pretty skinny this year. Besides being a major highlight of the night, the tea cup raffle is where most of the money is made at the event; your ticket price just covers expenses. If you can’t donate a whole basket or package this year, believe us, we get it. We’ll be happy to take what you have! If everyone does just a bit, we can do this. Did you get something nice for Christmas that you haven’t used and you just know you never will use it? Maybe your office or a bunch of friends who come together every year can donate? Do you have a business connection that is interested in supporting this community event? Please call our Raffle Chair Jill Smachetti at 860.604.6433 or email her at Tell her what you have to donate, the approximate value, and she’ll help you make arrangements to get it to us. Need some ideas to get you started? No problem! Click here.

    We are also in need of any new or gently used baskets or containers to package raffle items. Lynne is so talented she uses almost anything you can think of! Past containers include huge bowls, hat boxes, empty wine crates, a wok, willow laundry basket, ice bucket, you name it! Please contact Jill to let her know what you have and we’ll make arrangements to get it from you. Thanks!


    Connecting the dots between really cool women is what TTF does best. There is still time for your business to reach 500-600 really cool Connecticut women by registering as a sponsor of the 2012 FUNdraiser. Put your logo out there and let them know what you are all about. How about asking your company to be a sponsor and show their support for promoting breast cancer awareness and the importance of early detection? We have a sponsor for very cool reusable bags to be distributed to all our girlfriends, and for as little as $250 you can have your handout ad or goodie bag item inserted! We have sponsorship opportunities for all marketing budgets and many include free tickets to the FUNdraiser as well as promotion on our website! Please check out the packages and let us know where you want YOUR name.

    When will invitations be mailed?

    The question that everybody is asking! Both Evites and mailed invitations will be sent on Tuesday, February 28. There will be no online registration; evites require you to download and print the order form. (Thank you again to all the evite people who saved us lots of paper and $!). To be fair to our friends who live far away and those who opted for the paper invitations, TICKET ORDERS MUST BE POSTMARKED AFTER MARCH 5th! Since it’s Leap Year, you even have an extra day to get all your pals together! All ticket order forms will be processed in order by postmark date. In fairness to all, orders postmarked before March 5th must be returned. It’s been a year and half since the last FUNdraiser and we traditionally sell out very quickly. Party Virgins (those who haven’t attended before) take heed! Party Vets know to invite your friends NOW and be ready to mail in your order on March 5th!

    Don’t forget!

    Please remember to fill out both front and back of the ticket order form completely! Unlike almost every other fundraiser you attend, this event is not run by a huge committee. It’s a very tiny committee that relies on the attendees to help out. We ask each girlfriend who attends to volunteer for at least an hour the day before the FUNdraiser to help set up, OR the night of the FUNdraiser as needed, OR the next morning to help haul all our stuff back to the storage unit. For the FUNdraiser to be successful and to continue, it requires many many hands each doing a little bit. Thanks!

    Live and Learn Health Fair:

    The Health Fair portion of the FUNdraiser will take place from 6-8pm. Doors to the FUNdraiser will open at 7pm. We are so happy to report that Dr. Beth Brady has accepted our invitation to be our guest speaker again this year. NOTE: Dr. Brady will give her talk at the Health Fair before the FUNdraiser begins. Arrive early if you don’t want to miss her!

    Her topic has yet to be decided so we are putting it out to you guys for suggestions. What do you want to know about breast health? What needs to be clarified? What topic concerns you the most? What are you and your friends talking about, wondering about? Email your topic suggestions to and put “What’s up, Doc?” in the subject line. We’ll make sure Dr. Brady uses your input when selecting her topic. This is your chance to get straight talk, girlfriend to girlfriend.

    TOWANDA 101:

    Last year we were shocked, SHOCKED! to discover how many people in the room didn’t know how Team Towanda came to be or even Judith’s powerful story of girlfriends coming together to help a friend in need. If you receive this newsletter or if you plan to attend the FUNdraiser and have never read our books, for the love of God do yourself a favor and get a copy of The Charge of the Casserole Cavalry and read it before the party! You can have fun at the party without TOWANDA 101, but it is so much more meaningful if you know what a power surge is, why jello shots are served, why there is a suit of armor decorated in pink, why we have to play a little Diana Ross at every event and why this night of women dancing and celebrating is so magical.

From our Inbox...

    How Does the Foundation Decide Where to Allocate Funds?

    TTF Mission Statement:

    Team Towanda Foundation strives to support all those in our community who are affected by Breast Cancer, with a primary focus on the uninsured and underserved, by raising Breast Cancer awareness and emphasizing the importance of early detection.

    Every decision regarding disbursement of funds or financing new projects is carefully evaluated to ensure we stay true to our mission as a foundation. By far and away, most of the funds raised by Team Towanda over the past ten years have been used to pay for mammograms to aid in early detection of breast cancer. EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES. Team Towanda Funds are in place at Hartford Hospital where it is administered by the Partnership for Breast Care, Eastern Connecticut Health Network where it is administered by the Women’s Center for Wellness, and at Bristol Hospital where it is used to fund free mammogram days run by the Women’s Health Breast Health Program.

    Since our founding, TTF has donated over $241,000 to these three funds. This includes $57,000 donated to purchase an ultrasound machine for the breast clinic at Hartford Hospital and to support the startup of the Mobile Mammography program. Funds are used to pay for mammograms for uninsured, underserved women on the mobile van and at the hospitals. When someone is in need of a screening mammogram but cannot afford to pay, the words they hear are “Don’t worry about the cost. Just come in and get it done. Team Towanda has your back.” THAT’s where your donations are going. You can’t GET any more direct in your giving!

Memorial Donations

    Over the years, Team Towanda has been the grateful recipient of donations made in memory of loved ones. We are so very honored that individuals and their families choose to support TTF with this thoughtful and generous gesture. All donations are promptly acknowledged and families are notified that a gift has been made. Every penny of the donated amount is used to replenish the Towanda Funds. Thank you.

Diva Run!

    Spring is already in the air and we are looking forward to April 15th and the second annual Spicy Green Bean Run, Diva, RUN! hosted by Glastonbury River Runners. They are expecting 500 runners and walkers this year and this family friendly event is a great way to support the Towanda Fund at ECHN. Team Towanda will be there in full Diva attire and you are invited and encouraged (but not required) to do the same. GRR will have medals for all registered participants, tee shirts for the first 150 and awards for the top place winners. We’ll have prizes for the best Diva-wear (because every diva loves presents). Sponsorships are available at very reasonable rates and you still have time! Click here to get more information on sponsorships and to register. See you there, dahling!

Meet the Board: Lynne Lantagne

    TTF Board member since 2010 and our friend since forever, Lynne is our artist in residence. All the beautiful gift baskets you see at the FUNdraiser are by her hand; everything she touches is beautiful. Creativity just flows from this woman. You’d never know it to look at what she creates, but she is also a deep-rooted Yankee who lives by the rule “NEVER pay full price for ANYTHING”. When she is creating and finds herself in need of materials, she puts out the word for us to start looking for deals. If one of us says, “You want us to spend about a dollar?” Lynne responds with “A DOLLAR?! I’m thinking a dime or a quarter!” (or “qwa-tah” in her charming Massachusetts accent).

    Her warmth and wisdom bring a special glow and perspective to every meeting.

Real women don’t have hot flashes. They have power surges!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Breast of everything~

Judith, Monica, Debbie, Lynne, Ellen, Alison and Carina


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